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Ok so does anyone else get a little nervous about the first time of doing something in a new job?
I was told today that i'm going to be in the Audit team next week, now i've only been at the firm 6 months, have never been involved in a 'real' audit before and have only completed the AAT simulation.
Really looking forward to experiencing something new and gaining more experience but can not help but feel a bit nervous as I don't want to screw anything up.
Anyone any advise? Obviously I know the theory I learned while doing the sim but am not stupid and know that there is huge amounts that I still have to learn.

So, does anyone else feel like this?



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    The best advice I can give is do not be afraid to ask questions. There would be nothing worse than wasting time on doing something that turns out to be wrong. Chances are on a first audit you will be doing simpler tasks such as photocopying, and ticking over. However these all help with the learning process. Take the time to see what others are doing and learn details about other tasks that are happening.

    Don't be worried the rest of the audit team will have started where you are and should remember what it was like starting out.

    Make the most of the opportunity and take away from it all you can.

    Best of luck.

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