Unit 10 - Query Log

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Hi Guys,

Can anyone help me with writing up about the query log please? I have submitted the management of people section to my assessor twice ,and it comes back with a note saying that I need to follow the provided guideslines regarding query log. In the guidelines it states that the detailed query log should be given in the appendices (I have refferred to it) andhtat it should detail queries faced over a coupe of days and who resolved them. It should include examples of some queries that can be resolved by yourself, and others that need to be referred to someone else. My log show this, and I have ap aragraph identifying this. Am i missing something, do i need to be going in to more detail regarding each individual query? Do I need to be saying more abot the query log?

Any advice would be gratefully received, I'm really struggling with this project and pulling it together and am slowly geting more stressed about meeting the dealine. I'm finding it way too easy to pick up my other studies (also needing to be completed by June) as I'm struggling to focus on the project.


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    Unit 10 -Query Log

    Hi Sparkly,

    I also have to redo my query log. I've been told to have 2 that I have solved and 2 that have to be referred. I can only see 2 queries in the case study and these are about payroll. Am supossed to make these queries up or are they in the case study. The queries have to be those raised over 5 days but I can't see these any where in the case study.
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