Unit 10 - Weaknesses (Management of People)

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I am working on my 3rd submission of the management of people section (my assessor has asked me to submit each section individually).

I identified a number of weakness and gave corresponding recommendations but then received feedback saying that I should only include 4 weaknesses and that they should cover : appraisals, job descriptions, checks on quality of work, and training needs.

I am frustrated because I had 6 weaknesses, which I now have to narrow down to 4, but they don't cover all of the points I'm told they have to cover. The problem is that I can't see a problem with the training needs, so how can I identify a weakness with it if I don't think it is an issue?

I also don't think there is a problem with the checks on quality of the work, so don't understand how I can identify it as a weakness.

Am I missing something obvious here?


  • Henry
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    Hi Sparkly,
    Whilst I am no expert on Unit 10, you could approach the weaknesses on the basis that with all systems and processes within the organisation, there are always room for improvement. So if there is room for improvement you can treat the lack of the improvement as a weakness. So think about those areas and see where improvements could have been made and then treat those as weaknesses. Best of luck!
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