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Hi folkd

Would someone tell me what is contained in level 4? Is it a set of units which need to be completed (like in the new level 3 format), or is it one big assignment to complete (apbit like project work?).

How many study hours are students expected to study in order to complete this level?

Thanks in advance.


  • pirate
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    As I understand it under the new standards there are 4 compulsory Units and 2 optional units

    so - Financial Statements - this is around financial statement for Limited Companies and consolidation accounts
    Budgeting - about budgets & why thery are prepared in order to prepare revenue forecasts and a range of budgets for different circumstances budgetary procedure to aid organizational planning and control.
    Financial Performance - managing and measuring financial performance. analyse information on expenditure and comments ad make recommendations
    Internal control and accounting systems - Looking at the internal control within an organization and the different approaches. Make informed recommendations on how to implement or improve systems.
    Then 2 optional units from
    Credit Management and control, Personal Tax, business Tax, External Auditing.

    Credit management and control:- credit management in an organisation, granting of credit, setting credit limits, the collection of monies owed and the likelihood of payment being received.
    Personal tax: -calculate Income Tax liabilities and income from all sources, apply relevant allowances, deductions and reliefs to prepare accurate Income Tax computations.
    Business tax:-preparing tax returns for sole traders, partnerships and incorporated businesses including trading profits, adjustments and applying current relevant legislation.

    External auditing:- legislative and professional requirements , planning and conducting an external audit.

    All of the above apart from Internal control and accounting Systems (ICAS) are assessed by Computer Based Test. ICAS is assessed as a project and is computer based.

    How long it takes depends on you as an individual, your experience and so on.But they say a year about 4 to 6 hours a week.

    You can do in any order I did the 2 tax ones first then the Budgeting & Performance and Financial Statements second. And am about to start the project. It took me six months but I put it more than 4 hours a week.

  • geek84
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    Hi Pirate

    Many thanks for your reply.

    Have you now got your full AAT qualification? Are you going on to study further to do acca/cima?

    The reason why I am asking is I want to find out the most popular/best route to take after completing my aat.

  • pirate
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    Hi geek84

    Just got the Project to do for Level 4.
    I have recently submitted skills tests for Prof Ethics and Cash Managment and Credit Control but not heard back yet so assuming I have passed those only the project to do.

    Not sure what I will do after. I am more tempted by ACCA just from reading whats required for ACCA.
  • geek84
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    Hi Pirate

    Thanks for your rely.

    I too am more tempted to do the acca rather than the cima, after finishing the aat.

    Are you doing the AAT at college or through a provider? I am doing it with Premier Training. I started last summer.

    Are you employed in an accounts role? I am unemployed at the mo, and would be most grateful if you could offer advice as to what type of employers/jobs I could apply for.

    Thanks in advance.
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