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Hi everyone,

My client, with 280 employees and all paid monthly, is looking for a new payroll/HR set up. Currently using separate HR database and payroll and both are rather limited in their functionality.

Payroll is hosted but supplier has no in depth expertise whilst the HR system merely manages the records. The only sophistication appears to be that all personal and employment data goes into HR and there is a file transfer to payroll. Other than that everything seems to be manual.

They want a more modern and integrated set up which gives them much better management of employees and a payroll which has a lot more automation. They don't have the sort of cash needed for the big shiny glass and chrome systems used in big companies and as they are a charity even if they had that cash it would not go on a back office facility.

There appears to be some interest in outsourced payroll but HR kept in house (no surprise there).

I am not used to emploeyrs of this size so has anyone got any ideas and is anyone using an integrated system targetted at this size of employer?

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