Client not returning LOE

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I need a little bit of advice again please.

I supposedly have a client who I have sent a letter of engagement to and they have received it and said they would return in and email a copy - neither of which I have received.

I have also issued a 64-8 and applied on-line too be their agent. They never pass on the codes as they say they haven't received them and always goo out of date.

However, it was tight to year end and I applied for the client to be registered for PAYE as it was very near to year end.

The client hasn't/won't give me their NI number so I can't file P35. I now feel (obviously) that I shouldn't of done this and as the deadline for P35 is nearing a little worried. I have sent the client all the paper work etc and the yellow book and highlighted the deadlines. The return will be nil.

I know I shouldn't have done anything until I got the loe back but should I cancel the PAYE registration or just let the deadline be missed or anyother ideas?

I have verified their ID for money laundering.


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    You can do no more until the LoE is received. Let it pass the deadline.
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    T.C. wrote: »
    You can do no more until the LoE is received. Let it pass the deadline.


    As long as you have made it clear to the client that nothing more can happen and penalties may accrue if they don't act, then you have done your bit.
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    I agree with the other posts to an extent, you have to take all reasonable steps to help your client, I have experience of many clients whom I have had to remind several times, I usually find a phone call gets a better result. good luck
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