Cbe exam results

Penguin Registered Posts: 8 New contributor 🐸
Hi all,

just wondering if anyone knows when the exam results are out for people who sat a cbe exam at the end of march 2011?

I still havent heard anything and thought they would be out now.



  • Craig9
    Craig9 Registered Posts: 69 Regular contributor ⭐
    They take up to six weeks to show on your assessment results in myaat. I've always received mine on 6 weeks to the exact day I sat the exam and never early, so count forward six weeks from the date you sat the exam and check on that date. If it isn't there I would call the AAT and explain it has been six weeks and they should chase it up for you. If you sat it on the 31st March, it should show on the 12th May, so you should know by the end of this week.
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