Be MIP or isit too early???

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Hi guys

I hope you all doing well and getting richer :-)....anyway I am currently working in a practice and 2 weeks ago i got proposition to do some extra work for 1 of the accountants at my work place hes got his own clients and he wants me to do bookkeeping and payroll incl CIS, he asked me to register as self-employed so i can invoice on every job and i will be invoicing him from £80 to £150 every week plus i got potential new client (charity).

what i want to know is should i register as MIP now or wait till i get more work flowing in?
would i be able to sign off accounts?

thank you.



  • Rinske
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    You will need to register as a MIP or request an exemption, unless you are a student member.

    AAT MIP factsheet with information.
  • mahdi87
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    I am a MAAT
  • T.C.
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    You need to make sure you are licensed and insured first!
  • mahdi87
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    T.C. wrote: »
    You need to make sure you are licensed and insured first!

    will i be licenced if i become MIP? and what isurance do i have to have?

    guys can you please give me the steps i have to follow?

    I Have only registed as self-employed so far.
  • leonag
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    You need to register with AAT as MIP, but in order to do that you need Public Indemnity Insurance. AAT want to see a copy of your certificate before they will accept your application.
  • mahdi87
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    Hi guys just quick update..... i have send my application for MIP and got letter yesterday saying that they recieved it and banked the chq..i tried to login into my MyAAT but it is not letting me in!!?
  • RAS
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    Its not clear, but is it one of the partners of the practice who has offered you extra work? All seems a strange to me, I would be a bit careful you are not breaking any clauses in your contact of employment by doing this extra work. Anyway, good luck with it all.
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