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Hi everyone,

I hope that these words will find you in the best of your health and mood. I am a bit confused about my future and I have raised this question on the student discussion as well as here. I am a AAT qualified and was in the second year at Uni (Accounting and Finance course), and then I have interrupted my studies due to this new job which I am having right now, well it’s too late to go back Uni this semester but I am planning to go back to Uni next year for the second semester, if I miss it in the next semester than I will have to pay the higher tuitions fee which obviously no one want to pay. Some people are suggesting me to study ACCA as well as working; some says Bachelor degree is more to progress in your career and also I will claim 9 papers exemption upon the completion on my degree. And also I am already 24 and this is my fist accounting job, but the employer will not support my study that for sure. I will be very pleased if you can provide me some guideline that what I should do.
Many thanks
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