Health and safety

loopy lou
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Does anyone have any guidelines on the layout of the health and sdafety unit old standards Please?


  • Rinske
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    Mine existed of a number of questions, which were provided by my study provider and next to that a full report, which I think was based on what I identified on the question lists. Although it is a while ago since I've done it.

    I used a basic report layout consisting of:
    An introduction, then in the main body the main points I wanted to make and a conclusion.

    I think I put the conlusion before the introduction or the main body.

    Not sure if that is any help or if that is the standard format for the unit.
  • loopy lou
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    Thank you
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    Confined Space Permit Required For Rescue Teams

    Yes I do know the safety guidelines and wanted to share here with you. At workplaces workers must be very careful because a lot of accidents takes place there which may even cause death of a person and especially in confined spaces, where any time any emergency can occur. So proper rescue teams must be there to safeguard them from such hazardous situations.
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