Help with Unit 6 (costing)

Hello everyone,

Im currently working through the first 5 chapters of unit6 and it dont seem to be staying in my head !

Anyone got any ideas on how i should approach costing materials, labour, expenses and overheads ?

Any help would be great at the moment



  • sunshine
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    costing & revenue

    i am totally lost with this subject & also having great difficulties understanding this, i am on chapter 9 & still do not understand chapter 5 its crazy, i have got my exam in 4 weeks & i am really worried i am going to fail

  • Woooof
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    So what is Chapter 5 about? I should be able to help once I know.
  • Rinske
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    This unit isn't an easy unit, but please try and relate it to some real world examples to make sense about it.

    Costing is a really interesting part of the course, but variance calculations and setting budgets and flexing them are also considered difficult.

    Don't just look at the books, do the exercises, think of somehow relating it to some real world examples. For example try and think of a company you know quite a lot about and then think of how you could relate the stuff you are reading to it. I kept comparing it to a paint factory for example.

    It is an unit that needs some time to sink in, and reading and making notes and then do all questions for that chapter can really help with this unit.
  • Jo Clark
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    Hello Steve

    I also struggled a little with this unit, especially limiting factors. However, with perseverance, plenty of question practice and reworking of questions I got there and passed the CBA! I also owe a lot to my tutor and to the people on this forum who helped and shared pass exam papers.

    If there are any particular questions you are struggling with, post them here and I'm sure someone will help you.

    All the best.

    ~ An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest ~
    Benjamin Franklin
  • sdv
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    On the AAT Website

    Interactive side of AAT I believe

    Shandy Hood has explained the OP's topics in detail but much simplified

    search AAT website
  • steveJ
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    Thats great ... Thanks you lot.

    It just seemed like a lot of information (5 Chapters) to take in to sit my first practice test. I think im getting the hang ot it now .... Going to try and fit in a bit of studying later when things are a bit quieter ;)

    But dont think you lot are off the hook! ... im sure ill be back with a few more questions

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