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i started working in a new role on a 1 year contract this march and had already planned to sit the last 3 units of the level 4 aat at college in september i told my workplace at the time that this wlould not interfere with my work as it would be in the evenings.
however i have recently found out that the college have changed the hours and that i would need to miss nearly half a day of work on 1 afternoon. im a bit annoyed and worried about bringing this up with my new employer and not quite sure where to go with this! wondered if anyone has been in this situation before? thanks


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    If your work are not willing to give it to you as study then surely half a days holiday is worth using for your qualification?
  • jorja1986
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    I had to make the few hours up til 5 during the other days of the week. wasn't that difficult in 30 mins earlier and it was done.
  • zhulme
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    good in theory woof however i started 1/4 into their staff year so will now have 3/4 of the 28 days entitlement and the half day off every week adds up to way more holidays than are available. :) plus i just found out my boss is having the same day off in the week too to do her studies so its not looking promising!
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    Are they only running the one course?

    Maybe you could do the evening on one day and the bit you miss in the afternoon on another? Then you won't clash with your manager?

    Just a thought as there were a few students when I was at college who done morning for one half and evening on another day for the second. (Although we did have seperate tutors so the class could not over run into the second half).
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