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HI Ladies and Gents

I have just had my unit 10 project signed off and have completed all my exams and therefore completing my AAT qualification.

Thanks to everyone on here for their advice and support in these forums, you have been a great help

I am looking for some advice and support as to where i go from here, my circumstances are:
I am 20years old, started the AAT straight after school and passed all exams first time round. I have no experience of working in an accounting firm.

So what I would like to know is what term can i use to describe myself, am i qualified AAT accountant or technician??? Anyone i ask don't know the right term for me to use for myself

Also with me having no experience and not much income as am working part-time to make ends meet, what are my options for the near future in regards to chartered accounting?
I really want to do ACA after a break of 6-12months, however with me not working in a financial enviorement, having no experience and funding being an issue, am just wondering what my options are?

Thanks :)


  • Bluewednesday
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    Firstly congratulations on your success so far.

    I would suggest that you get some experience in an accounting role before going on to any further qualification. The danger of being over qualified and under experienced could make life difficult otherwise. You are still young enough to be able to get a great experience under your belt and still qualify in your 20's.

    As to your title I would just explain that you have the exams but not the experience, I think AAT qualified means having the experience too but I might be wrong there. Maybe you are AAT qualified and just not an AAT member? I'm sure someone will correct me!

    Anyway whatever you decide - best of luck!
  • PGM
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    I agree with BW.

    Theres been a lot of threads on this, the consensus in the end, was to call yourself a qualified accountant meant you had experience also.

    I suppose you can call yourself AAT qualified as thats more specific.
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