CT Online Filing - Periods ending after 01/04/11

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Hi all, just thought I would share an experience I had since many of you may face the same.

HMRC's onling Corporation Tax filing function is not functional for periods ended after 1st April 2011. They have not updated it to reflect the changed rates, so it will not pro-rate the tax calculations for part of the year at 21% (small companies rate) and part of the year at 20%. There is a message on the HMRC website saying not to use their service for periods ended after 1st April 2011 and that they will update the service "as soon as possible".

After seeing this message for over a week I rang them and they said "as soon as possible" is likely to be OCTOBER. !!!

I explained that I have a client who wants to apply for a striking-off and therefore needs to submit their CT return much sooner than that, and they said under that circumstance I can file the return on paper with a covering letter explaining the reason why.

Hope this is of help to anyone else in the situation.


  • Monsoon
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    Thanks Psyche, that's useful to know.

    I think all 3rd party software is the same - no CT filing on or after 01/04/2011.

    I'm glad they said in your case a paper return would be acceptable, that's what I would have wanted to do under those circumstances!

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