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I'm after a big favour and if anybody can help it would be most appreciated.

I could do with a full list of all formulae for the Financial Performance CBA (all variances & ratios)

So far I can think of the following:

Direct Material Price Variance
Direct Material Usage Variance
Direct Labour Rate Variance
Direct Labour Efficiency Variance
Fixed Overhead Expenditure Variance
Fixed Overhead Volume Variance
Fixed Overhead Efficiency Variance
Fixed Overhead Capacity Variance
Current Ratio
Quick/Acid Ratio
Gearing Ratio
Asset Turnover
Gross Profit Margin (Percentage)
Operating Profit (Percentage)
Net Profit (Percentage)
Return on Capital Employed
Receivables Collection Period
Payables Payment Period
Inventory Turnover
Average Age of Inventory
Margin of Safety

Are there any I have missed?

I know there are a few ways of calculating these but wondered if somebody could kindly email me a list with what you think is the easiest formula to calculate each of the above

Also if you have any good methods of revising these please let me know. I have failed this twice already and it is mainly the above which is letting me down. I am finding it really hard to remember all of the formulas to calculate the above

Please help if you can. Even if you have a handwritten sheet with all the formulae on, I would appreciate a copy.

Many Thanks


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    I am at work at the moment but have a list of most of these formula's at home i can email them to you tonight if you give me an email address. I am sitting my exam on wednesday and had the same problem!!! The lecturer last night gave me a way to remember some of them last night will send that to you to. Sorry i don't have it with me.

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    Help please


    I have just been reading your posts and I am having exactly the same problem. Please would you forward the formula's to me as well as I am really struggling. Thank you for all your help.

    Kim 
  • smithy44
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    Hi Kim

    I have just emailed you some of the formula's found them in my college file at work!!! Hope it helps :)
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    Me too? Please, I have just found out that I have failed it:(
    Still in shock as I thought it went well!
  • Jossii
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    Smithy... would you mind sending to me too...
    Anything to help me get through
  • rehana
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    Smithy ,

    me too please.
  • angi13
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    Me too i am struggling with this exam.
    Thank you very much
  • smithy44
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    If you send me your email addesses i will sent them to you all
  • smithy44
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    Hi all i have attached a pdf of my formulas for whoever it may help, hope i have done it right!!!!!
  • smithy44
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    Also my college lecturer gave me a way to remember price variances and usage variances:

    Use the word PAUSE (but forget the E)

    Price variances are based on

    Actual Qty but

    Usage variances are based on

    Standard prices

    This has helped me hope it helps you.

    Good Luck
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    Thank you

    Thank you so much you have no idea how much this has helped :thumbup1:
  • Chelle
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    Thank you Smithy :001_smile:
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