You couldn't make it up.....!!

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Got this answerphone message emailed to me today from my virtual receptionist:
Jane* - Information Commissioners Office

Called to find out if you have received data protection forms. The incorrect forms have been sent out to you, Jane asked if you could please send these on to the correct person on the envelope if possible. She advised the forms which are for you will be sent to you soon.

*Not her real name

Now, is it me, or are the people responsible for data protection just 'fessing up to having sent me the wrong person's name, address and forms?!?!?! :lol: The mind boggles!


  • jilt
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  • Rinske
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    Love it! :lol:

    Although it does make you wonder what happens to our details!
  • anniem
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    Oh how wonderful - she must have felt like a complete twerp phoning you up! :lol:
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  • steveJ
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    I love how she states ... could you just pass them on please !
    Confidential information the highest priority - yeah right !
    LoL ;)
  • Monsoon
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    Ok, so here it is:

    I forgot to sign my cheque for my ICO subscription. ICO post it back to me. Except they include someone else's unsigned cheque and notification papers, and mine have been sent to this other person! So we each have each others business details, bank details etc....!!!

    I have spoken to the lady at the other business affected, we've both agreed to just swap paperwork with each other in the post.

    It came to light when this other lady opened her post and saw she'd been sent the wrong paperwork and she phoned the ICO....

    I'm going to ask the ICO if they will waive my fee this year in light of the gross breach of data protection rules we have experienced!
  • anniem
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    OMG - gross breach! Wonder what they would do if it was something that had been reported to them to investigate?????
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  • columbia
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    Nothing surprises me anymore what a bunch of muppets!
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