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I am having troubles in understanding how accounts producing software work.

So far Ive been using Sage Instant Accounts. Its seems that to prepare accounts for a new company I have to arase company data I previously worked on.

Am I correct? Is there a way of saving all companies data and be able to come back to it later without suffering any data losses?

If not, what other packages allow you to work on various companies accounts simultaneously?

Many Thanks


  • Monsoon
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    Sage makes you buy a licence for each client. Technically what you're doing is in breach of their licencing conditions and it's a bit risky to back up a file, then restore a different company's data, then back that up and restore a different one's etc...

    Alternatively, look at Solar Accounts or VT Transaction +, both of which are a one-off fee with unlimited companies. And easier to use than Sage! ;)

    Edit: Also, if you are producing final accounts as well as doing the bookkeeping, VT T+ will link directly to their very, very excellent year end accounts production software.
  • LittleChinaDoll
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    Thank you Monsoon for a very comprehensive reply! Sage Instant Accounts was only used for study purposes

    I am really excited about VT T+, it seems that MIPs are very happy using it :)
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