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Hi All

I should have finished AAT Technician under the old standard in March this year. I've been doing home study with BPP. Unfortunately, partly due to not organising my time efficiently enough, and partly due to a few changes in my life (I've been organising a very low key wedding, I was made redundant, and whilst I found a new temporary job straight away, I have to travel further, so get home later, and don't have any quiet place at work to study at lunch, whereas I had before), I still have the two optional units to complete. I did take a Cash Management skills test a couple of weeks ago, but I failed :(

Anyway, excuses over with, I really want to finish off asap. I will be back from honeymoon at the end of June, and I know I have to transfer to the new standards. I was in a very lucky position previously, as my old workplace paid for my studies, I'm now realising just how lucky, having to finish off by paying myself!

I think I've read some posts on here about people just buying the textbooks and entering exams externally. Is that correct and still feasible? I did the rest of the qual with BPP distance learning, but to be fair I never emailed or rang a tutor, just figured it out myself from the books. Also I think I only failed this time because my mind hadn't really been focussed enough, never failed any of the other exams. So I thought I may be able to complete this unit that way?

Secondly, has anyone used BPP or Kaplan online classroom courses, and what did you think? I need to take another unit, will prob be a tax one, to complete, and I wouldn't mind a bit of tuition as I've never touched on tax before, but I don't know where I'm going to end up working in the next few months, and I don't drive, so online would prob be easier.

Any advice greatly appreciated, sorry for the long post - hope it makes sense!


  • Siobhan Carmel
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    Hi Garfield
    I went all the way through the final level, apart from Unit 10, by buying the text books and studying at home. I then registered myself for the exams. It was the only way I could possible afford it.
    Unit 10 has to be assessed by some training provider. I used Kaplan. I actually found their on-line teaching not bad at all. Plus it was the most affordable.
    Things change though, and you would have to make sure what the regulations and prices are now.
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