what implication will be ?

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I have just came to know that I got a cleaner job, the wage is 6.00 per hour but I have to provide an invoice. the job is only for 3 hours a week and total wage will be 18.00.

Is anyone can direct me, what implications will be on vat and when i have to pay to HMRC ?



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    Are you employed or self employed.

    Your post makes it seem as though you've been for an interview and got a job as a cleaner for £6.00 /hour. However as an employee you wouldn't bill your employer. It might be that your "employer" considers you as self employed. You really do need to find out your status. Can you tell us more about how you came by this "job"?
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    I saw this opportunity on shop window, I applied and few weeks later had an interview and Just got a job today. But the employer wants invoice every month. please can me help as I am confused.

    I do not have another job or not self employed.
  • Anne Boleyn
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    Employment status


    You really do need to find out from your "employer" whether you are an employee or if they regard you as self employed. Was this not discussed at the interview?

    If they consider you to be self employed then you have a choice: 1) register as self employed, pay class 2 national insurance and invoice your "employer" each month. You can also seek additional customers, advertise etc. However you will have to complete a tax return each year to report your untaxed income. or 2) say that you are not self employed and ask if you can be an employee.

    If they consider you to be employed ask why they need you to bill them each month.

    Hope this helps.
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    I believe cleaners have to have NI deducted through PAYE even if they are self employed in certain cases (much like teachers etc). Not that this applies on the amounts given.

    The 'employer' in this case seems to be doing this to avoid the red tape of being an employer and on the information given, you are not self employed, you are an employee. It's a tricky one, as if you push the employer to do things properly, they may not decide to keep the employee on.

    There is an argument to say you shouldn't register as self employed as you clearly arent (based on what you've said here) but if it was me I would actually fill in the employment pages and state no tax deducted. Obviously once youve definitely established the employment status.

    It really isn't on when employers do this, but when the employee needs the work, sometimes they don't have a choice.
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    Just a thought; You'd be on £18 a week. Lower Earning Limit (LEL) for National Insurance is £102 a week until 6th April 2012. So according to the HMRC quote below, it looks like your employer wouldn't have to put you on the PAYE scheme anyway, even if they do treat you as an employee.

    Do you always have to operate PAYE?

    If this is your employee's only job and you pay them less than the NICs Lower Earnings Limit (LEL) - £102 a week or £442 a month (2011-12) - you won't have to operate PAYE at all.
    If it's their only job and you pay them at or over the LEL but below the Secondary Earnings Threshold for NICs - £136 a week or £589 a month (2011-12) - you won't have to operate PAYE on their earnings but you'll have to keep a record of their personal details, their National Insurance number and the amount you pay them.
    If they have more than one job, you'll need to operate PAYE. You can use the Simplified PAYE Deduction Scheme if their earnings are below the thresholds described earlier.

    Is this a domestic cleaning position or cleaning an office/shop? Also, are you planning to get more clients like this, or do you just need a job and figured any amount of money is better than nothing?
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    Unless he has another job, then the tax code would need to be 0T, meaning that the employer would need to be a registered employer.
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