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does anyone know if a list exists of private tutors for AAT in the Bedfordshire/Herts area. I have been struggling with year 3 big time and am getting further behind the other students in the class and taking CBEs when I dont feel reading for them. I managed the first 2 years without too much problem and passed everything first time but this year is completely different just cant retain the knowledge. I have asked my tutor at college if he knows of anyone that might do extra tuition but he says no - thought there was a recession on and that there would be someone who would be happy to earn some extra tutition money but it appears not. Anyone got any ideas?


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    Is there anyone in your classes that could spare an evening a week to go through things with you? Someone that is managing to understand it all a little better than you and wouldn't mind giving up some time to help you?

    Hope you get the help you need! Good Luck!

    B x
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    try this link

    worth a look
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    I tutor but I am based between Chichester and Arundel.
    One student yesterday came from Bishop's Stortford in Herts, and another tomorrow is also coming from Herts.
    I think the journey is two to two and a half hours.

    I have tended to specialise on AAT units such as Financial Performance and Budgeting, so do consider I can help in these areas. I imagine that the students who come consider the time and money well spent.

    I think the request for a private tutor covers a variety of meanings. It would be worth your while thinking about what sort of help you'd like.
    Often a recently qualified MAAT may be very helpful, he or she will have gone through the problems you are incurring and have experienced the exams. You might ask your college tutor if he/she could put you in touch with someone who passed last year. You might even find someone at work who is good at explaining techniques to spend some time on the areas where you are having difficulties.

    If you are looking for a tutor who teaches as their job, Kaplan and BPP often employ freelance staff. They will often be quite happy to pass your details onto someone they think would be prepared to do the work.

    Another sugggestion is to see if one of your classmates would be prepared to come to a commercial arrangement with you. The fee would probably lower than a tutor but having to explain things would be good for his/her consolidation of understanding as well as for you.
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    Private Tutors

    Thankyou to everyone for the suggestions,

    Sandy I have been to a couple of your revision courses in London last year and found them extremly useful and I am certain the extra revision was key to me passing last years exams.
    I will send you a message to your e mail account.

    thanks again

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