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I sat my PCR exams yest and one question really bugged me

25500 parts to be manufactured
each uses 10kg of raw material
allow for 15% wastage
opening stock of 1000
closing stock of 1200

how many need to be produced

i did 25500 x 10 = 255000
times 1.15 to gross up for wastage = 293250
movent in stock 200

there were 4 answers to chose from cant rememeber exactly as ive passed the paper i wrote it down on to my tutor who also couldnt work it out, but the lowest possible answer was 300,000 which i couldnt get anywhere near!!!

am i doing somethin completly wrong??



  • Woooof
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    You are working out the wastage incorrectly.

    255000/85 = 3000
    3000*100 = 300000
  • staceylou
    staceylou Registered Posts: 39 Regular contributor ⭐
    thank you

    i think thats what i guessed as id tried everything so resorted to ip dip doo!!!

    just for the life of me couldnt work it out

    thank you so so much!!! :)
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