L4: Kaplan texts riddled with errors

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I have found dozens of errors in the Kaplan texts for FNST, BGT and FNPF. They made lots of excuses about being pressed for time when they had to get them published, and sent me the updated re-print of FNPF free of charge.

Only trouble is, the updated text contains every single error I found in the original version when I was working through it, they haven't corrected any of them.

My question then: Are all the providers' texts like this due to the fast turnaround between finalizing and launching the new standards? Can anyone recommend a publisher of good error-free texts for the remaining L4 units I have?




  • eloise
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    totally agree with you, its very hard when youre trying to revise and you cant find how they have got their answer...turns out it was wrong anyway!!
    I actually got an email from Kaplan today asking for feedbbak cant wait. I submitted my ICAS 2nd draft over a month ago I rang college to check where it was up to and they said they havent even looked at it!!
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    Returned text books to Kaplan

    I returned all of my Kaplan books because I needed quality text books just in case I needed time off half way through the course to have my baby.

    I had ordered them through the college and I had no problem returning them...even though I had written in some of them correcting their errors!!
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