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I took p1 CIMA yesterday and feel i did very well on the questions i answered, however didnt finish the paper. I obviously wasnt efficient enough with my time.

Q4 was on investment appraisal but i didnt have time to do it. This question was for a huge 25 marks so im gutted.

1) My question is, although i didnt finish this question will i still pick up marks for some of the workings i did in the buid up for ex.. Sales, depreciation, contribution foregone etc? Baring in mind i didnt manage to put it together and discount it?

2) Im also interested to know peoples experiences of passing papers having not finished??

Any feedback would be much appreciated.


  • SandyHood
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    I was very impressed with one of my P1 students last November. She achieved over 60% in her paper and (like you) didn't even start Q4.

    I do not recommend this approach, but I can see how former AAT students do have a tendency to fall into the trap of not timing their answers.

    I recommend that 1.8 minutes per mark is applied to revision and practice questions in a very strict way. This helps you to use the time more effectively in the exam.

    Although AAT exams require 70%+ and give you plenty of time, CIMA exams test if you can use your time well enough to achieve 50%+.
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  • sammyd22
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    Thanks for the reply Sandy. I do need to use my time more effectively.

    Will i still receive marks for workings building upto the NPV calculation for sales, depr, contribution foregone etc? although i didnt manage to put it all together and discount it?
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