Header & footers in excel

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Can someone please tell me once I have added my header in footer on a spreadsheet, how then do I get out of it? It keeps me in it and the spreadsheet layout looks different?


  • twinks01twinks01 Settling In Nicely Posts: 16Registered
    There are three little squares on the bottom right of the window with little tiny pictures on them. The one on the left shows the spreadsheet as you would normally see it, the middle one is where you see it with the headers & footers and the right one shows the print area with blue lines. So pressing the square on the left should hopefully get you back where you want to be.
    Then again, it is quite possible I am wrong!

    Are you doing the spreadsheet unit next?
  • HopeipassxHopeipassx Feels At Home Posts: 66Registered
    Thats brilliant - thank you so much, it was bugging me for ages!!!

    Yes I am doing spreadsheet unit, ive got a exam in 4 weeks, so fingers crossed!!! :)
  • twinks01twinks01 Settling In Nicely Posts: 16Registered
    Me too! How are you getting on with pivot tables and lookup things? Hope you pass your exam!
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