Where can I find FNST practice test online

Eglena Registered Posts: 3 New contributor 🐸

can anybody help me please? I cannot find FNST online based practice test on AAT (Level 4 Financial statements). I am taking computer based exam in a few weeks time and would like to do some practise, but I cannot find it on AA website.

thank you for your help.



  • welshwizard
    welshwizard Registered Posts: 465

    I do not have access to a student view of the myAAT page but there are definitely 2 practice CBA's and one paper version on there (look under revision/learning materials for the heading Revised Accounting Qualification or QCF).

    Good luck
  • Eglena
    Eglena Registered Posts: 3 New contributor 🐸
    I still cant find it

    Thank you for your answer, but I still cannot find it
  • joelledix
    joelledix Registered Posts: 1 New contributor 🐸
    Try and click where it says Study Zone 'View all our study support on the qualification page'
    then click revised qualification.

    Hope this helps
  • janwal
    janwal Registered Posts: 1,189
    sign into Myatt, click onto Practice Assessments under Study support for revised Accounting Qualification and then level 4, they are all under there.

    Hope your ok

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