Osborne Books Answer for Personal Tax

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Can anyone please help we are self studing personal tax and have bought the osborne books. The only problem is that we don't have the answer to the questions.

Does anyone have the answers they can email across.

We have also have BPP books but find alot of information is missing that are in the exams.:(

Thank you in advance.


  • pirate
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    Hi babsa

    which questions do you need the answers to and what the osbourne level, as it does change every year but they extended the use of the PTC until June 2011 this year normally last years books would only work for 2010.

    BPP books from last year did have a lot of mistakes in the answers. I studied totally from the Osborne books but used the BPP books for practice papers

    Let me know whic book it is and I may have the answers
  • babsa
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    thank you for getting back to me, the answers weren't for me. I had sat the PT cba already. (Now passed) they were for a friend.

    Thank you again
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