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Shell B
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Hello Everyone

Am just starting to revise for the computer based budgeting exam and i was wondering how people have found it so far?? Has anyone struggled for time etc and has it been like the practise exams???

Thanks for your help

Shell B


  • Abbie28
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    went ok stumbled across with exam problems like it jamming but that was it but quite straight forward ull be fine :)
  • Shell B
    Shell B Registered Posts: 95 Regular contributor ⭐
    thanks for replying its much appreciated.

    How many more units have you got left???

  • rehana
    rehana Registered Posts: 61 Regular contributor ⭐
    Similar to the practice one with email/report to write.Had sufficient time though.
  • iskcel
    iskcel Registered Posts: 34 Regular contributor ⭐
    After completing AAT Intermediate in 2007 I had a few years break and returned to study the final AAT year a few months ago.
    Budgeting was the first exam I sat and I was VERY nervous! But it went well, I found the CBA on the AAT website to be very similar to the actual test and had no problems other than the exam centre having trouble getting the CBA to allow students to log in and start the exam!
    I didnt find time an issue although I did notice it took me longer than the ones I had done at home, this could be down to me being more cautious and checking all my answers. However I still finished the exam in plenty of time.

    When is your exam? I have my Financial Performance exam on Tuesday :-)

    Is this your first CBA?
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