Voulntary work for charity as a bookkeeper?

George Tse
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As you all know the U.K's economy is dull and for someone like me, with the AAT qualification but without experience, it is very tough to find the right job that will employ a peson like me.

I am thinking about doing some voluntary bookkeeping work for some charities, say for like a year or so. I am wondering if you guys could point me in the right direction of looking for such work by giving me a good website where I could find local charities around my area ?

I live around Nottingham just on the out skirts about 15 mins drive from town so there is no problem getting in to town.

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  • janwal
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    Not sure how it works but I copied this link, you may find it useful


    I have a similar problem that only work at the moment in the payments office of local NHS so have no experience of an other type of accounting. I have asked a friend who runs a business if I can do some unpaid work experience in his accounts dept, maybe worth a thought, may also lead to something else.

    Good luck with your search

  • taskey
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    i am a volunteer treasurer for my daughters scout group, this has led to me being the district treasurer for germany too

    i have used this experience towards my aat qualification

  • amyjayne27
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    I second what janwal said the doit website is great for voluntary positions, and employers look highly on any voluntary work done in the accounting field, so look for things like treasurer positions.

    Good luck!

  • kate86
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    I used do-it.org to find a volunteer position, I have been doing it since February and find it really worthwhile!
  • Sharleen
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    I found a website - reachskills.org.uk which has quite a few finance volunteering opportunities on there. A lot want a qualified accountant but there are a few bookkeeping ones too.
  • PGM
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    This thread is a few months old, did you get any experience GJ?

    I wonder if you could offer your services to a small practice.
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