How to upload ICAS project

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Hi All

I've been asked by my tutor to upload my project onto AAT website - but cannot find it how and where.... Any guidence, please :-)


  • Becky V
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    Hi if you go to myaat it should be under access eportfolio then follow the instructions.
    Hope that helps.
  • welshwizard
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    Just a few words of warning:

    Make sure that you complete the front page of the assessment booklet (if you are using an AAT Case Study and upload it) If you haven't indicated that the report is your own work by checking the Authenticity Declaration, you are not automatically entitled to have the work assessed. You will probably have to submit a letter of authenticity from your employer if you are basing your report on a real world organisation.

    Make sure that the assessment criteria is fully mapped against your project - again if you're using the AAT Case Study you will find the mapping doucment at the back of the assessment booklet. I have told my students that if tehy haven't mapped the report they will not have it assessed as competent as it is their responsibility to map the report.

    When you are uploading your report make sure that you have uploaded all of the relevant documents, spreadsheets, powerpoint files etc BEFORE you click on the submit for assessment button.

    Finally, do not be surprised if your first submission is returned Not Yet Competent, if you've got to do more work on your report you only have to amend parts - you shouldn't have to do a complete rewrite.

    All of the instructions are on the ePortfolio pages and should be read prior to attempting the upload - I have had students who have not read it and consequently they haven't uploaded essential parts of the assessment submission and, therefore, not had their hard work assessed as competent resulting in confusion, disappointment and unnecessary stress.
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