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I'm looking into becoming a AAT tutor, and I was wondering if anyone else had done this? and if sooo how did they start.




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    We are happy to hear you are considering becoming an AAT tutor.

    Because AAT training is skills based, it’s key that our tutors have occupational experience of the topics they teach. We also require AAT tutors to hold a relevant accounting qualification, at least one level higher than the level they teach. For example, you could teach Level 2 if you had a Level 3 accounting qualification.

    However, if you have no qualifications but do have significant work based experience, this will also be taken into consideration.

    We don’t specify which teaching qualifications you will require, but check with individual training providers as they may have their own requirements. You can sometimes gain relevant teaching qualifications (which is not the same as completing teacher training/PGCE) on the job, so you could train as you work as an AAT tutor. Here is a link to find where you can train for these awards.

    We also have a tutor recruitment service where our approved training providers can post current job vacancies. This service can be found on our website

    More information on becoming an AAT tutor, assessor, or verifier can be found on our website.

    We hope you find this information useful and good luck in becoming an AAT tutor.

    AAT Account Management team
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