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Hi guys,

i hope that u r very well, can body help me i am an AAT qualified and would like to start ACCA this Dec, and wanted to claim exemptions from ACCA and was trying to submit through AAT but they haven't listed ACCA although i have still submitted my details and havn't choose any of other qualification, so do u guys think will still passed it to the ACCA because they havn't listed ACCA, instead the other qualification are there
please let me know guys or alternatively what should i do

i wish you all the best to those who taking there exam



  • Rozzi Rainbow
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    Hi Shab

    When I registered with ACCA I did it through their website. They ask what qualifications you already have and let you claim your exemptions. I'm not aware you can register with ACCA directly through the AAT, unless anything's changed since I did it. Why don't you give the AAT a call to clarify?
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