Cash management exam


Can anyone tell me what the cash management exam is like, is it anything like the practise ones in the back of the osbourne books?



  • pirate
    pirate Registered Posts: 469
    Assuming you are on the new standards.
    If so if will be a CBE and I think there are practice units on the AAT web site practice/
    there is also a paper based practice assesement as well
  • anwarbiggy
    anwarbiggy Registered Posts: 14 Regular contributor ⭐ ? ⭐
    just take it slowly with the cah flow forcast, the timing of amounts and so on. section 2 os always more difficult than section one.
  • kirstym01
    kirstym01 Registered Posts: 43 ? ? ?
    I had a few tricky questions thrown into mine that I couldn't really remember covering in the osborne book, yes I agree with the above, do it slowly and read the question properly! Goodluck!
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