Cash management exam part 2


Can anyone tell me where I might find some practise exams for the above? Obviously I have the ones in my osborne books on on myaat but its not enough.

thanks again


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    Are you with a college or distance learner, you could ask them for extra bits
    I am not sure what Cash management part 2 is but you could try looking for things around the old syllabus which was Cash Management and Credit Control. It covered a lot of things around Cash Flows and budgets and also what if scenarios. There is a practice paper on the AAT web site for it and I think there were some practice assessment bits in the books as well
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    I couldn't access the AAT practice CBA so I looked at the old Cash Management and Credit Control exams and bought an old Unit 15 book from Amazon for about £3 and did the first four chapters in that. I found the AAT passcards really helpful for this exam. I was surprised by the banking questions I had though, and that wasn't much covered in those.

    If you're doing it with a college or distance learning they should hopefully have given you something on the UK Banking system. Kaplan do a good handout but I'm not sure which book its in but you may be able to find a copy.

    I managed to pass it last Wednesday but wasn't that confident - but then I never am!
  • pirate
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    banking system was covered in my Osbourne Cash Management and Credit Control book
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