Cheques on Sage 50 Professional

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I've just started a new job, and although I use Sage 50 I've never used Sage 50 Professional and have never done a cheque run.

I downloaded the trial version so I have a rough idea but could someone help me with the details.

If I do a cheque run and my suppliers ledger is all nice and straight forward I would just do the cheque run as normal, but what if some of the suppliers have invoices in dispute so I don't want to just pay everything on their account, would I do an individual cheque where I select the invoices, and if so, would it just be the same as on Sage 50 when paying a supplier but I would print the cheque?

Also, what about settlement discounts, would it automatically take this into account?

Thanks in advance for any help. If anyone has time to send me any sort of step by step guide that would be fab!

Thanks all
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