Financial performance question -STUCK

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Hi all

I have my fnpf exam on weds and was just working through CBT 1 on the aat website, i came across task 1.7 b and i cant seem to work out how they got 63.33% as the answer.

i did 1,200,000/1,900,000 to get 63.16%

have i done this right? Or is it the AAT gone a bit wrong lol.

any help is appreciated



  • Terdoo
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    Re: Fp

    Task 1.7
    This is how I calculated mine, 1900,000/3,000,000 * 100 = 63.33%, is there any other thing u are stuck with?
  • AmyRichardson
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    yay thanks

    i jsut figured that out! guess i shouldnt have tried to revise whilst working lol.

    I am ok with things atm i am just working through the CBT's! trying not to look at the answers
  • Ogaufi
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    it seems they always make task 1.7 tricky hey! i did practice cba 2 and struggled with task 1.7 in that one as well
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