Mileage claim for passengers

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Can you claim for this, if so how much isit per mile?


  • PGM
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    It'll all be on the inland revenue website, all rates etc.
  • Monsoon
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    I think it's 5p per mile on top of the regular rate, not sure if that's per passenger or per any number of passengers but yes, will be on the website
  • JJH1969
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    Passenger Payments

    I have a new client who says that half of his mileage he was carrying a passenger in his vehicle so wishes to claim the extra 5p per mile. He is a sole trader. How do you prove this to HMRC? Does anyone else out there claim this on behalf of clients?
  • Bluewednesday
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    We claim it but we have business mileage logs with the name of the passenger listed

    It's a limited company so it's usually one of the other employees who won't have submitted a mileage claim for that journey.
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