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Hi all,

Just wandering if anyone else is sitting the DFS paper exam next week or is everyone sitting them online already?

Am I the only one sitting the paper? lol

How is everyone feeling?

I'm not feeling very confident about the exam I have read my book three times and been through all the practice questions but when i go back my memory is awful! I have researched a lot to make sure I understand the whys as well as the hows and hoping that the next week is just going to be practice practice practice in order for me to feel confident for the exam and make sure it sticks in my mind!

Good Luck to all who have them due!



  • flower
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    Yes I am. Re-sit. Failed last year and was unable to re-sit in December due to hols.
    Really need to pass.
  • timgriff
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    Hi there, i'm doing the written exam too.... last one and then hopefully I'm finished! Playing it a bit risky on this one, but nailing all the numerical stuff, done all the past papers, practice questions and concentrating on the written interpretation of the ratios.

    I might cram a few of the IAS's in over the next week, i'm going to concentrate on the ISBA framework & elements of financial statements etc (as these tend to come up in section 2).

    I think if I can blag the ratios interpretation then it should be ok just to have a very loose understanding for the IAS question. What gets me is when the examiner says in their reports "students have clearly had standards overload" i.e. not revised the standards enough.... - well there does only tend to be about 2 questions in the exam! & it's not really going to benefit me to try and shallow memorise 30 odd standards which i'm going to forget in 2 weeks time!!

    Roll on next week can't wait to finish, i've found the aat more painful than my degree!

    Good luck! Pull out all the stops over the next week and you'll be fine.
  • Primble
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    i am a 4th time sitter of this but it is my last unit to do. YAY! I get closer each time. recon i need to get statement of cash flows in my head and it'l be fine. i can do ratios and managed the consolidated stuff just need a refresher
  • gangstara
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    Primble wrote: »
    i am a 4th time sitter of this but it is my last unit to do. YAY! I get closer each time. recon i need to get statement of cash flows in my head and it'l be fine. i can do ratios and managed the consolidated stuff just need a refresher
    um writting it online next week
  • purple19m
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    I bet i get to the exam venue and be in the room all by myself as most people sitting online, just hope theres not a dance class next door this time, had music on so loud in the room next door at my last paper exam....very distracting!

    This will be my first sitting and i'm study as much as I can, although my gorgeous toddler is clingy and waking up every 2 hours due to teething at the moment is not making it easy! Testing times!

    I would take overload as too much time on it, as in using all their study time to remember the standards when infact most of my time has been on interpretation and consolidated accounts, really need to practice these chapters, i feel like i get something each time i study though so i know repeating is making it sink in gradually.

    I did post a thread up for a dfs website which is useful for interpretation i'll add it again in case you've missed it http://beginnersinvest.about.com/od/...ance-sheet.htm

    I just find it easier looking at real life information to remember stuff and get good understanding, i've spent a lot of time looking at my own workplaces financial statements too which is really helpful.

    Well heres to a week of effort and hard work and then onto a nice summer break to spend with my two boys! Can't wait!
  • jewels.p
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    Good Luck to you guys sitting the paper exams next week. Any time I have been on here it seems everyone is now doing the CBA's. I was just saying to my other half it's exam week next week and I am soooooo glad I have finished. No more exam weeks in June and Nov/Dec after this but those two weeks will stick in my head for a long time! The not sleeping the night before the exam cause you think you know nothing and the not sleeping the night after cause you are convinced that you got it all wrong! :laugh:
  • rach40
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    DFS Exam

    Yes, I am sitting paper exam too. I am really not that confident about associated companies, do you know if they are likely to test us on it at all ? not found anything in past papers.
  • purple19m
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    I'm not sure, as you say not come across it in the past papers, but it's something we need to know so will need to revise it a lot myself as i'm the same as you and not too confident in that area either, just in case! Unless we can get confirmation it won't be tested, which i'm sure anything can come up!

    I have gone through two past papers this afternoon and i feel so much more confident already in the other areas, amazing the difference the past papers make, I just repeat them over and over until i I get it all right, boring i know but it makes you remember and also makes you able to get through them quicker and quicker which will leave me a bit of time to ponder over things i'm not sure of in the exam itself.

    I need to brush up on the standards though, to make sure i can remember suitable descriptions for the exam.

    Good Luck to you all!
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