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Hi, I'm currently studying AAT Level 3 and have only passed my professional ethics and Indirect Tax so far. This means I have 5 exams to do from now until the middle of July. My question is, what happens if I fail the other 5, or at least 1/2 of the other 5. Can I do resits anywhere over the summer so that I can start level 4 in September, or do I have to do the majority of level 3 again? I know this is very negative, but I'm just being realistic. My tutors at college just say "it won't come to that", which to be honest, stresses me out more. What are they hiding from me?!! I did my Accounts Prep 1 this week and really thought I'd done it, but was deemed unsuccessful. I don't even know where I'm going wrong, I understood everything in class, just when I get home I'm a wreck.
Any help/tips welcome!!


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    You can sit your exams as many times as you like, when you like

    Take your time to pass any unit but for the privilege you will be asked to pay aprrox. £40 to £45 for each sitting plus may be exam admin fees

    If your college finishes at the end of June, you can take your exams at a KPLAN or a BPP centre.

    You have 5 unit to complete, which if properly planned can be taken every 10-12 days (mid june to mid Aug) which should allow you to start on level 4 in September.

    However, every college's admission policy is different!

    You may be asked why did you not attempt the scheduled exams for level 3 when other students in your college were taking them?

    The level 4 tutor will be very cautious to accept you .......

    BECAUSE in all probability the same cycle is likely to repeat it self next year, especially when you are displaying a very confident approach to your study/exams.
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    So I can still study throughout the summer holidays? My tutor has already accepted me for next year so long as I pass so that's good news at least.
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    Hi, When I failed my PEAF exam twice I was also extremley concerned that I would not be allowed to move onto level 4. I was told by my tutors (at kaplan) that as long as I passed my exam before the end of august I could enrol and start level 4 in september. There is a person at college with me that has done AP1 and Spreadsheet exam but no other exams and he has been given until the end of august to complete 5 exams AP2, Tax, Cash Management, PEAF and Cost and Revenue. So as long as you do you'll be absolutely fine, dont wrry about you not having passed 1st time if you want you can appeal this with the AAT which cost £23 and you can actually find out where you have gone wrong in the exam...areas you need to work on.

    If you ever feel you are not getting the answers you require from your college please keep asking or speak to a higher member of staff/tutor.

    Good Luck

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