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Hi all

I was just wondering will we get templates given to us if we are asked to produce production budgets or budgeted operating statements etc?

I just don't seem to be able to get stuck in my head what calculations and headings to write down. I know what they require but am constantly missing little things and I'm guessing its the little things that matter in exams.

I think I'm panicing now as I have only really just started to study for the exam in exactly 1 weeks time.

Please help!


  • pirate
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    you will be fine, take a deep breath and just do practice papers.
    If you think about what is required for a production budget or an operating budget logically ie why are they doing it you will remember.
    I cant remember if they do but would imagine that they don't.
    Practice practice and you'll be fine, 1 week to go plenty of revision time

    Good luck
  • SandyHood
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    Near enough to templates
    ~ e.g. prepare the operating statement using the same layout as the layout used for the results for the previous year.

    But not explicitly templates (they were used once (June 09) but that won't happen this time)
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