how does MIP application take to process?

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I recently applied for MIP and i want to know is how long the processing time? i also reliased that i cant log in into my MyAAT account does that got to do with my MIP application? I havent send PII cover but i mentioned in the application that once its aproaved i will get PII

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  • coojee
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    AFAIK it won't be approved if you haven't got PII. You need to have it in place before you apply, you can't do it the other way around.
  • burg
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    It was a while back when I applied but I certainly applied and then got PII afterwards. Think it took around 4-6 weeks

  • coojee
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    "I am currently arranging my PII cover and will send you a copy of my cover note when it is available.
    I understand that my application cannot be approved until I have provided a copy of my PII
    cover note."

    Above is a quote from MIP application form. So you can apply for MIP without PII but it won't be approved until you have it. This makes sense as they can't take your word for it that you'll do it before you take on any clients, once you're approved you can start to practice straight away.
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