any tipss for the written parts of budgetting

ms sadat
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as i am having my budgetting exam on the 16th of this month which is a week to go ,i have some difficulty undrestanding the interpretation of variances , and emai writting .
anybody who knows the best approach to that ,appreciated


  • pirate
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    Ms sadat

    have a look at the past papers and see the sort of thing they have written.
    Write one yourself and compare it.
    Its not enough to just say that the variance is x% you have to look at why this may be in relation to the information given in the question and the other related variance

    With Email ensure you address it to the person, always ensure you have an introduction ie what you are going to write about, a body ie the major explanation or discussion of the email and finally a conclusion ie what you suggest as a follow up or action point or so on. Ensure you sign it ie Best regard Ms Sadat etc


    when is the exam
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