Unit 10 simulation

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Hi There

I have until 30 June to finish, iv started and made plenty of notes hope it will come together, allbeit...
major problem i dont have the full simulation...

does anyone have a copy of the Castonbridge Hotels simulation D1899

I would most gratful if anyone can provide this i have pages 10-20 & page 22

I have contacted AAT no help there.

many thanks



  • coojee
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    Why don't you have the full simulation? Your training provider should provide you with this if you've agreed between yourselves that you're not going to do it based on your workplace. I'm reading between the lines so I may be wrong but it sounds to me like you don't have a training provider - you can't do Unit 10 without one as you need them to assess the report. Also I doubt very much that you could finish the report, even with a provider, in the next 16 days, usually students need to submit at least one draft report before the final one which could take up to 2 weeks to be assessed and then after you've submitted the final report there will be a final interview.
  • nena
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    Hi Coojee,

    The training provider i had no longer does the nvq route, and no longer have the simulation. As this only needs marking, this is something i'm arranging,and need to discuss further with aat, ideally to have done before month end. i believe the missing pages could be in a box in my loft...moved house.

    Im quite confident that if i had missing pages to complete cost benefit analysis/recommendations etc i could have this wrapped up in a few days...or as it currently stands..not!

  • SharGardy
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    Sorry I can't help with the case study but I have just been told that the deadline has extended from 30 June to 15 August!
  • sdv
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    this simulation is out of date

    any work done on this simulation will not be accepted. Check this with AAT before working on this.

    What you can do is use the idea and problems on a work based project which is much much easier to do then a simulation.

    Sorry to be a bearer of bad news! But please confirm this with AAT
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