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I am hoping to start Level 4 in the next month but I am struggling to decide on the best option for study. I severely lost my motivation on Level 3 which has resulted in me wasting a year dragging my heels to finish the level.

I am looking into day release or evening classes. There is a college near to me that offers a day release starting in September. It is priced at around £1100, plus I would need to provide my own books. It is a lot more than the £650 for distance learning but as Level 4 is seen as being such a large step up from Level 3 I think it would be worth having the classroom support.

The question I guess is, is £1100 plus books a lot for a classroom taught level


  • uknitty
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    I was going to say I would expect a classroom based course to cost around £1000 so I think the price you have been quoted is about the market rate. Do you know if you will have to pay for the cost of your exams on top of this ?

    Personally I prefer learning via distance as I can go at my own pace. What caused you to lose motivation with distance learning previously ? Is it something that a change of Training Provider may remedy ?
  • katsutlieff
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    Thanks Uknitty, I have the choice of two colleges and a learning provider near to me so I think I will do some ringing around tomorrow.

    Loss of motivation is down to sheer laziness I am afraid. After work and running around after the kids an evening plonked in front of the telly was always so much more appealing than costing and Professional Ethics.

    I am a whizz at procrastination as proven by my being on here rather than revising!! I know classroom basis learning especially on the final level will give me the push I need to complete.
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    My local college is charging £1000 + Books. I'd ask your college to see if any exam fees are already included?
  • Nia
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    my local college is charging £1080 + books, for level 4
  • janwal
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    My college is charging £950 + 210 exams + books, for level 4
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