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Just wondering if anyone is having the same problem that I am. I have completed the FNPF CBA 2 a few times and it kept coming up as a not yet competent I had no idea why so I wrote all my answers down and checked against the ones provided on the website. It turns out I actually didnt get that many wrong at all, over 70% were correct.

Just to check it wasnt me being stupid I copied the answers provided by the aat and the exam still came out as a fail. It doesnt look like it is working to me?

I tried to report it to the AAT but they told me to contact my trainer - I dont think they knew what I was saying to them.

Has anyone managed to get the FNPF CBA 2 to pass? I did complete the written sections aswell so it wouldnt be that. Just need to know if I am missing something?



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    I did my FNPF exam on 27th May & used the practice one before that and it did give me a pass, I mainly used it the week leading up to my exam so I don't know if they've changed anything on it since I sat the actual exam? If you've got the same answers that they have then I wouldn't worry about it too much, all I will say was that there are a few areas in my live assessment that weren't on any of the practice CBAs (They had a different one up before the current one too)
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