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Hi everyone!

I have recently completed all the necessary to become a MIP, and now my practicing licence is displayed proudly in my office!

However, I have spent the little cash I have so far on business cards, a website and google ad words. I am getting married next Thursday, so don't really have that much to play with, I just wondered how you guys advertised yourselves? I have started a twitter account, but I know that may take some time to kick in, and I need to make my site a bit cleaner, but I have the bare bones there.

Any ideas would be welcomed - please any thoughts on my website -


  • T.C.
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    Local shops, charity booklets and free newspapers/magazines are a good start. More work will come by word of mouth. Good luck.
  • burg
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    Google ad words has worked great for me in the past. The last two months or so have been slow in terms of new enquiries but previous to that a ROI of about 10 times was achievable. Jan and Feb enquiries were in the region of 15-20 new clients.

    I've found most other forms of advertising quite poor in terms of a return but others have had experience with other forms.

    Website thoughts. Nice looking and smooth.

    Could improve the following pages as they are not easy to read with the background.
    'Bookkeeping and accounts'

    Best of luck with the new venture and the wedding

  • paulstafford
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    Have you investigated any networking groups local to you?

    I joined a BNI group earlier this year and after a slow start I am gaining new clients. The yearly fee (including weekly subs) is approx £1k and you are expected to attend every week. Its hard work but I'm finding it a good way of establishing a name in the market place.

    I'd also recommend listing your business on all the free web directories like freeindex, google places and the like.
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