My new website, need some opinions please!

GinnyBee Registered, Tutor Posts: 131 Dedicated contributor 🦉
Hi everyone,

I'd like to ask a favour please. I've finally got my website up, there is probably still some work to do on it. Would anyone have a couple of minutes to have a look and tell me what they think, constructive criticism is welcome! I'd love it if you considered the look and content.

The website is:

Thank you



  • lisamarie86
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    Hi GinnyBee!

    I love the look of your site, it's easy to navigate, the blog is great, and looks very professional. Only thing I may add, is that you do not (or I could not see) a phone number or address for you? The contact us form is great, but I think it may be useful to have other ways of contacting you, just my opinion though.

    Just one minor "look" criticism, one the front page, the aat logo looks great, and the twitter blog is good too, however these leave you with quite a lot of white space on the left hand side, maybe you could increase the size of your pictures, or increase the font size of the text to fill it up?

    Also I noticed on your twitter feed that you have your picture? Maybe add this to the about us page where you give some details about yourself, give it a more personal feel, unless you didn't want your picture on there, in which case ignore!

    Looks great though! I am just starting out to!!
  • GinnyBee
    GinnyBee Registered, Tutor Posts: 131 Dedicated contributor 🦉

    Thank you for taking the time too look and most importantly to comment.

    Your right about the front page space, I'm working on it :-) I actually thought I'd updated the contact age to include telephone and address, I guess the it didn't work quite right!

    Thanks again :-)
  • Monsoon
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    Love it! Really nice crisp, clear site, good content.

    2 things: I can't see your address on it. It's a legal requirement to have your address on your website.

    2nd: get a logo! It would really brighten the site up instead of having the business name in text.
  • Rinske
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    I think it looks great, and I just got one comment:

    Clicking on your name (at the top of posts you made), it links to Thinking of starting up, which doesn't show it is the blog at that point (unlike when you go to blog directly), while you would expect to go to a kind of profile of yourself.

    Maybe you can somehow put a header on that it is your blog or add a little profile of yourself?
  • NeilH
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    Monsoon wrote: »
    get a logo! It would really brighten the site up instead of having the business name in text.

    Following on from that I'd sugest that the "Eden Accountancy" title needs to be bigger and stylised.

  • deanshepherd
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    Nice and easy to navigate but..'s a bit grey!

    Images are a bit generic too but otherwise a very good start.
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