registering a not for profit organisation

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Can anyone help me with this?

I have a client, who at present is a non for profit association, he keeps his books, but wants to have something a little more official, and has asked whether I can help.

Based on his situation, I believe, and the client concurs, that he needs to become a not for profit organisation - limited by guarantee.

I have registered partnerships and limited companies before, and know a little about this, such as needed the below:

Have clear objectives for the organsiation - what the purpose is, and how you are to achieve them
Be clear as to what would be done with excess earnings
Have a registered office
and have a minimum of three trustees (directors)

Has anyone on here done this before? If so could you tell me the process? I don't want to offer to do something then get stuck half way through.

If not, I shall find someone to recommend to him.


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