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Hi - did anyone else do the computer based personal tax yesterday - if so how did you find it? I do not work in an accounting environment, in fact I am retired, but cannot live on the state pension so need to learn - better than watching TV - eventually if I cannot get paid part-time work, Voluntary work is a good idea - gets you out the house.

I completed the AAT Technician level 4 old system in January 2011 - still haven't received any certificates from AAT.

As an extra module I took the personal tax and prior to the exam (yesterday) I had done the 2 computer based practise assessments on the AAT website as well as Kaplan and Osbourne. Many of the questions which came up in the exam where not in any of the practise assessments - I'm just hoping I've done enough - if not I'll just have to re-sit - problem is the last sitting at our college is 7 July and we will not have the results in by then?????????????????
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