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Hi everyone
I took my exam yesterday and I didn't answer correctly 4 questions about IAS's in 1.3 or 1.4 section of the exam. I think that the rest of exam went well. Do you think that there is a chance I would pass with 4 or 5 wrong answers? I am a bit worried.


  • sonya
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    hi Lana

    I took my dfs exam in January, I thought I did well and passed but obviously not because I failed the exam, i have a resit on the 20th of this month.

    But as far as im aware as long as u did well in section 1 nd 2 the ISAs dont really matter much, because someone from my class totally left out the ISA question but balanced on the others nd did well on section 2 and passed so dont really think it matters.

    Hope it goes well for you though let me know how you get on
  • Naz
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    from what i have been told, you require 70% in each section to pass. However IAS principle are significant to the unit so do not know whether this will affect your pass-mark (seems unlikely)

    Good Luck
  • gangstara
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    i took my fnst exam today, nothing balanced....um really scared guys but i gave it my all
  • oli
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    I have to re-sit my DFS, from what I was told by my tutor you need to know the knowledge aswell as the skills so I'm definately reading up on the IAS's plus getting some work done on consilidated p&l's and balance sheets
  • sonya
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    Does anyone know if the DFS exam is similar to the practice CBA? and did anyone get a cash flow?

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