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Hi all,

Looking for some advice please if anyone has an opinion! I am waiting for my Unit 31 exam results (31.1, 31.2, and 31.3) which has been nearly 6 weeks now. I was on the old standards, diploma pathway, and understand that if I fail any of these I have to re-take the equivalent unit in the new standards. My questions are as follows -

I previously studied distance learning, however only spoke to my tutor to book exams. Can I just buy the books (thinking ebay) next time and just book exams directly through the test centres?

I have been thinking of looking at buying some Level 3 books, (not assuming I've passed 2, just figured I'll need them eventually!) however have seen on that books are being updated as of June - is this all AAT or just Kaplan or did I misread?! Is it still worth getting some anyway or should I wait?

Is there a best place to start Level 3 - i.e. a particular unit - and should I just get cracking rather than waiting for my results?

Sorry it's long, thanks!


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    Hi Kate

    I beleive you can just buy the books and book the exams. I certainly had no problem at level 3 didnt need any support but I was studying through a distance provider but in the end I didnt use them at all so it is a cost saving.
    For Level 4 I used them a bit for one of the units.
    I did mine in a very random order and it didnt seem to make a difference although you would probably do Accounts prep 1 before accounts prep 2
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    Thanks pirate, I have started off ordering a couple of books on ebay...! Contacted Kaplan today and got told they won't get my results back until next week, so I am probably looking at an 8 week turnaround by the time I get them...
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